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Are You Called To Write?

Have you ever had a thought like this? Man, I’d really love to write a book someday, but I have no idea where to start.

I used to have similar thoughts, but I worked my butt off over the past 11 years, and I’ve been published in Flash Fiction Magazine, Noir Nation No. 3, as well as having self-published A Collection of Reflections (poetry) and Frost: An Otherworld Tale (my debut novel).

If you love a good story, that love is all you need to become a writer. I’ve invested a lifetime of passion and thousands of dollars in learning about writing craft and the publishing industry, and I’d love to share what I’ve learned with those of you who have an inner storyteller begging to get out.

If you’d like to learn more, you can reserve your seat at my upcoming writing workshop dates HERE. The workshops will be held at The Creative Kitchen in my aweome hometown of Bay Minette, Alabama.

Here’s a fun exercise for those of you considering attending the workshop (or anyone who wants to join in, for that matter):

Describe your worst fear in a single paragraph, but there’s a catch; you cannot name your fear in the paragraph. Post your answers in the comments and we’ll try to guess your fear!

Daily Writing Is Happening!

Even though I haven’t been posting on here every day (like I should), I have been writing for at least five minutes a day. I’m doing a lot of roughing things out with a pen and notebook. Things just seem to be flowing better with ink and paper, as of late. Even with everything that’s going on in my personal life (both fantastic and bad), I’m managing to get things done in my writing life.

I’m working hard to merge Frost back on the track I laid out for it in my original outline. I set my outline aside for a little while and wandered a little farther away from it than I intended. There are things I like about the old outline and things I like about where the creative flow took me. Now I’m just working on making a cohesive marriage of the two, and trying to see how that’s going to change the remaining 31 scenes I had originally planned for the book. I plan on finishing the free version on JukePop by the end of the summer so I can get it edited and release some time this winter.

After I get the next scene written for Frost, I’m going to work on the next chapter of The Alexandria Chronicles, then Murphy’s Law of the Jungle. Frost is still my number one priority, though. Once the edited and expanded version of Frost has been released, I intend to focus primarily on finishing Murphy’s Law of the Jungle. I’d like to have that story wrapped up by the end of next summer. If all goes well with Frost, I am likely to try to publish an edited and expanded edition of Murphy’s Law of the Jungle through JukePop.

What about that awesome space opera I’m working on called The Alexandria Chronicles, you ask? I will continue adding chapters to it when I’m taking breaks from my primary projects!

As for personal things going on in my life, it’s now a mixed bag. My grandmother is going on 93 and her health is deteriorating swiftly. She is the only living grandparent I have left. I know she’s had a lot of good years and is leaving us with an incredible legacy, but it’s still a very painful thing to deal with. On the bright side, however, my fiancé got to meet her and she congratulated us on our impending nuptials. This brings me back to the original reason I started this post: daily posts are not my strong suit, and I can guarantee you that my updates will be scattered and/or infrequent between now and the wedding.

I’m hoping that I’ll be able to really and truly settle into the habit of posting on here daily some time in August or September. I feel that, as a writer, I need the responsibility and  accountability that posting on a daily basis brings. In the past, my creativity has been a bit spastic and dictated by my rather fickle muse. I’m glad to state that the muse and I recently had a come to Jesus meeting, and she’s being much more cooperative now that I’m only demanding 5 minutes a day from her, as opposed to me trying to write a novel in 3 days during a manic fit riddled with very little sleep and too much coffee.

Writing Priorities

So, it’s pretty obvious that the daily writing entries on here aren’t at the top of my list of writing priorities. So, I figured I’d give you a look at my list of writing priorities just for kicks.

  1. Manage the Custom Romances group of authors and try to keep everyone on track in spite of the authors dealing with several family problems, etc.
  2. Write the next chapter of Frost.
  3. Check how far I’ve deviated from my plan for Frost and get it back on track.
  4. Find the genre I’d really like to write in for Harlequin Romance and write a proposal for it.
  5. Write the next chapter of Murphy’s Law of the Jungle.
  6. Write the next chapter of The Alexandria Chronicles.

Those are the top 6 priorities right now, but I feel like I’ve got about a billion others going on in there with it and, as a person with ADD, I’m struggling with keeping focused on my priorities.

Universe Building

I’m working on creating the universe in which The Alexandria Chronicles serial(s) will take place, and it is a MASSIVE job. I’m also having trouble deciding if I’m going to have it take place on an intragalactic or intergalactic scale. I know there’s going to be a lot of travel between star systems, etc., but how far do I want to be able to expand within this universe? Intergalactic travel makes the scale absolutely massive, but it also offers more options for expansion later on. Maybe I should start with the first book taking place within one extremely large, fictional galaxy, and then expand beyond that later if I need to?

Input is welcome.



Random Story Idea 1/26/2015

A well-respected young woman from an upstanding family fakes her death to get out from under a massive amount of debt & her controlling fiancée. She moves across the country and starts a new life, but it’s not everything she expected. She ends up broke & has two options: come out of hiding, which will show her family and former fiancée that she is not, in fact, dead (and they paid off her debts to their own detriment), or turn to a means of income generation she would never otherwise have considered.


I realize I’ve done a lot of promoting for my friends over at Supernatural South for the past few days, but I’ve done some work of my own, too! My latest short story, “Nosocomephobia,” is available for just $0.99 on Amazon.com and in the iTunes store! If you buy it, please review it. Reviews are GREATLY appreciated! Also, if you like it, PLEASE let your friends on social media networks know about it, and use the hashtag #Nosocomephobia.

Scare ya later,


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