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Roald Dahl On Readers | Quote of the Day 10/30/17

QOTD 10_30_17

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Doctor Pychyl On Procrastination | Quote of the Day 9/7/2017

Doctor Pychyl On Procrastination | Quote of the Day 9/7/2017

Enid Bagnold On Writing | Quote of the Day 8/24/17

QOTD 8_24_17

Enid Bagnold On Writing | Quote of the Day 8/24/17

QOTD 8_24_17

William S. Burroughs on Quality | Quote of the Day 8/23/17

QOTD 8_23_17

William S. Burroughs on Quality | Quote of the Day 8/23/17

QOTD 8_23_17

Allen Ginsberg on Voice | Quote of the Day 8/22/17

QOTD 9_1_16(1)

Allen Ginsberg on Voice | Quote of the Day 8/22/17

QOTD 9_1_16(1)

Ralph Waldo Emerson on What Lies Within – Quote of the Day – 6/7/16

“What lies behind us, and what lies before us are but tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

I think this quote is a great commentary on the value of the present in our lives. Don’t waste the time given to you on fruitless, meaningless endeavors. Find your passion, heeds your calling to that passion, and dedicate the present to living that passion because none of us know how much time we have in this world.

John R. Wooden on What You Can Do – Quote of the Day – 6/6/16

“Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.” -John R. Wooden

This quote of the day post is coming to you quickly and late at night because I spent the majority of the day taking kitties to the vet to be vaccinated and going over Frost repeatedly to find where my problems are in the story’s structure.

I’ve never been good at organization, but I make up for it in persistence. I’ve invested 10 years of my life in this story. I’ve invested thousands of dollars and a lot of time in producing the best story I possibly can. When I’m having problems, I check out my extensive library of writing aids and use them to help me figure out what’s wrong with the story. I spent all day locating weak points in my story and fixing them.

Orison Swett Marden on Opportunities – Quote of the Day – 6/2/16

“Don’t wait for extraordinary opportunities. Seize common occasions and make them great.” -Orison Swett Marden

With only 53 days to go in Frost’s campaign, I thought it might be pertinent to share a little more about why I’ve chosen to seek publication via Inkshares with you all. Originally, the plan was to publish via JukePop, where I was writing Frost as a serial, but they had some technical difficulties, put their publishing program “on hold,” and will not be publishing Frost as a novel anytime soon.

I am almost done with my first draft of Frost, and Inkshares has the sort of distribution options that I believe Frost needs to bloom. I am in the process of writing the final scenes, and I’ve made note of several changes I’m going to make in the text during the editing/polishing process.

Some of you are probably wondering why I chose to go ahead with an Inkshares campaign if I wasn’t quite finished yet. Well, I didn’t intend to start a campaign so soon, but I’m willing to see it through, and it’s been great motivation to me to go ahead and finish my draft. This is propelling me to heed my calling to complete and publish Frost.

My mom asked me today why I chose to do a 90-day campaign, and I think that’s a good question. Statistically speaking, 90-day campaigns tend to be more successful than either longer or shorter campaigns, so I decided just to roll with it.

So, in all honesty, I didn’t mean to start the campaign as soon as I did, and I probably should have allowed for more time than just 90 days. However, decisions were made, and although they probably weren’t the most well-advised decisions I’ve ever made, I intend to stand by them. As Orison Swett Marden says, “Don’t wait for extraordinary opportunities. Seize common occasions and make them great.”

With your help, I believe we can make Frost great.

Norman Vaughan on Dreams – Quote of the Day – 5/11/16

“Dream big and dare to fail.” – Norman Vaughan

I love this message and I believe it is important to everyone who may be pursuing a calling. Mistakes are going to happen as long as human beings are doing things, but you’ve got to have the courage to pick yourself up and keep going after that dream, that calling.

Heed your calling and God bless!

Tom Robbins on Achievement – Quote of the Day – 4/28/16

“To achieve the impossible, it is precisely the unthinkable that must be thought.”
-Tom Robbins

Think outside the box. How many times have you been told to think differently–been encouraged to step outside your comfort zone and see what you can discover?

As adults, many of us allow our imaginations to stagnate, and I feel that is a mistake.


Imagination is the most powersful tool we have next to prayer, as a species. With imagination, we have the power to visualize exactly what we want out of life. Not only can we do that, we can use our imaginations to devise every possible way that we can achieve what we want, probable or not.

If you can dream it, you can do it.

If you feel called to do something, I can guarantee that you can use prayer and your imagination to dream up a rout to REAL success.

Heed your calling, and God bless y’all!

Allard Lowenstein on Worth – Quote of the Day – 4/27/16

“The question should be, is it worth trying to do, not can it be done.”
-Allard Lowenstein

How do you know whether or not it is worth it to pursue your calling? No one else can answer this question for you. The answer cannot come from outside of you. You must search within, pray for guidance, and your gut instincts will lead you in the right direction.

It’s really between you and God. Don’t let outside influences, such as the opinions of others, cloud your judgment as to what is right for your life. Consider your calling within the context of prayerful meditation and ask yourself if you’re doing something that’s worth doing.

Heed your calling, and God bless y’all!

Dwight D. Eisenhower on What Counts – Quote of the Day – 4/26/16

“What counts is not necessarily the size of the dog in the fight – it’s the size of the fight in the dog.” -Dwight D. Eisenhower

As a person who’s always struggled with her not-quite-five-feet-tall stature, I love this metaphor. You don’t have to be big to be tough and/or persistent. All it takes to overcome overwhelming odds against you is a fire that you harness and use to pursue your goals and dreams.

Sure, you might have some disadvantages, but with enough passion and faith, I believe that all obstacles can be overcome. We all have a burning passion for something. What’s your passion? What’s your calling? How much fight do you have in you for that calling?

I feel like I’ve been doing my own calling a disservice lately because I’ve been letting my own inner fire fade in the face of exhaustion and other obstacles. I know better. I can do better. I refuse to let my fight, my fire for writing, burn out. That’s why I’m here, sharing another quote of the day with you.

Heed your calling and God bless y’all!

Robin Williams on Madness – Quote of the Day – 4/24/16

“You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.” -Robin Williams

I love Robin Williams; I have ever since I was a little girl. His voice has always been a place of comfort for me, so I love this quote. I love it because I think that creativity and madness often go hand in hand. I can attest to that in my personal life. I also associate that “spark of madness” with passion, and the thing I am most passionate about is my creativity. I would even go so far as to say that I’m crazy passionate about my creativity and my creative life.

I think that Robin Williams meant you should find the thing you’re crazy about doing and hang on to that with all your might. Take your passion, focus on it, and see where it takes you.

Heed your calling and God bless y’all!

Dolly Parton on Circumstances – Quote of the Day – 4/23/26

“The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.”
-Dolly Parton

I believe the theme of this post goes hand in hand with my last post, which was focused on a quote of similar substance by Richard Hooker. We cannot have the exact circumstances we want in our lives 100% of the time. That is neither possible nor probable. I find Dolly’s common-sense, no-nonsense approach to that fact delightful.

In a way, it reminds me of the wedding vows I took on the day I got married. You’re in this life, and pursuing your calling, for better or worse, richer or poorer, in sickness and in health for as long as you live. Whether you’ve currently got rain or rainbows, you’ve got to make the best of what you have right now.

Heed Your Calling & God Bless!

Quote of the Day – 4/21/16 – Richard Hooker on Making the Best of It

“When the best things are not possible, the best may be made of those that are.”
-Richard Hooker

Life is not always going to hand you the optimum circumstances for pursuing your calling. Sometimes you’re going to have to muddle your way through the worst situations you can imagine, but if your calling is important to you, you will always come back to it, and you will always continue pursuing it, no matter how you’ve been hindered.

Making the best out of whatever situation you’re in is one of the greatest ways you can keep moving forward in spite of the obstacles you may be facing.

Heed Your Calling & God Bless Y’all!

Quote of the Day -4/20/16 – Marian Wright Edelman on Trying

“You’re not obligated to win. You’re obligated to keep trying to do the best you can every day.” -Marian Wright Edelman

Nobody can win 100% of the time–it’s pretty much impossible. However, that doesn’t mean you should give any less than your best effort on any given day. If you’re interested in doing something, you may as well be interested in giving it your all! So, if you’re pursuing your calling, give it your best effort every day!

Heed Your Calling & God bless!

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