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Are You Called To Write?

Have you ever had a thought like this? Man, I’d really love to write a book someday, but I have no idea where to start.

I used to have similar thoughts, but I worked my butt off over the past 11 years, and I’ve been published in Flash Fiction Magazine, Noir Nation No. 3, as well as having self-published A Collection of Reflections (poetry) and Frost: An Otherworld Tale (my debut novel).

If you love a good story, that love is all you need to become a writer. I’ve invested a lifetime of passion and thousands of dollars in learning about writing craft and the publishing industry, and I’d love to share what I’ve learned with those of you who have an inner storyteller begging to get out.

If you’d like to learn more, you can reserve your seat at my upcoming writing workshop dates HERE. The workshops will be held at The Creative Kitchen in my aweome hometown of Bay Minette, Alabama.

Here’s a fun exercise for those of you considering attending the workshop (or anyone who wants to join in, for that matter):

Describe your worst fear in a single paragraph, but there’s a catch; you cannot name your fear in the paragraph. Post your answers in the comments and we’ll try to guess your fear!

Apology for Getting Behind On the Quote of the Day Posts

I realize that I’m really behind on my Quote of the Day posts, guys. I know I need to get back to it. There is no good excuse for dropping the ball like this, but I have been sick and also focusing really hard on letting people know about my Frost: An Otherworld Tale campaign on Inkshares. I have to get at least 221 more pre-orders in the next 77 days for my novel to be published. I can’t tell you just how important that goal is to me. I’ve been working on this novel for the past 10 years, and it’s time that it gets shared with the world.

I’ll be getting up Quote of the Day posts again starting this evening. I look forward to connecting with y’all through those again, and I hope that you consider supporting Frost on Inkshares!


Chelsea Clemmons Moye, Author

Frost on Inkshares

I have a special announcement for all my lovely followers! I have chosen to publish Frost through Inkshares since JukePop’s publishing program is currently on hold. Reserve your copy now!

What would you do to keep from dying in this world? Anything? Would you save another world from destruction?

Saving a world known as Daraglathia from annihilation via total war is what Lauren Frost must do to earn back her life in our world. Reserve your copy now for just $10 on Inkshares!


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