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Hosting My First Workshop!

I’m SUPER EXCITED to be sharing this news with you all: I’m hosting my first ever writing workshop series at The Creative Kitchen in Bay Minette! I’m also TCK’s new resident writer, so I’ve got a lot to be excited about right now.


Honing Your Horror is a 3-week Creative Writing Workshop series that meets once a week. This series will meet each Saturday at 11:30 starting Sept. 23rd with its last meeting being Oct 7th. Seats are $60 for the entire workshop ($20/week) with complimentary food & drink being served.

You will meet with me as I lead our group in a series of group exercises and discussions drawn from the many writing craft resources I’ve invested in over the years, as well as my personal experiences in the writing and publishing industry. You will receive personal feedback from me on the pieces you craft in the workshop, as well as positive, constructive critiques from the group as a whole.

TCK’s Lacey Garner had this to say about the workshop: Chelsea wrote within her imagination as a young girl and has made her dream come true through her hard work and determination that has lead to the production of Frost: An Otherworld Tale, a collection of poetry called A Collection of Reflections, as well as many publications within Magazines and Blogs.

By reserving your seat in this workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Tap into your subconscious for good suspense.
  • Draw inspiration from your everyday life and fictionalize it.
  • Paint a compelling story.
  • Shape & mold your phrasing.
  • Decide on your best conclusion.Surround yourself with fellow writers in a like-minded, workshop setting for strong content. Learn from a local published Author as you listen to her advice and gain from her experience. To reserve your seat simply call TCK at 251-753-9210 or book on Eventbrite.

I really hope to see you there, guys!

Quote of the Day – 3/1/16

“What we see depends mainly on what we look for.” -Sir John Lubbock

You can choose how you perceive the world around you. As a person following a calling, you can choose how to frame everything that transpires in your world. You can opt to look at things through a positive lens, or a negative one. I have done both, and I can tell you from personal experience that choosing to see things in a positive framework will improve your life exponentially.

Sure, sometimes it’s easier to see the negative, and wallowing in it may feel like the easiest path to catharsis, but focusing on the positive will ultimately be more uplifting in the long run. I know how hard it can be to see the positive. I have struggled with depression in the past. That is a state that it’s very difficult to find positivity from. If you’re struggling to see the positive in any situation, but especially in regard to pursuing your calling, I urge you to take a moment and pray about it.

Sometimes praying doesn’t present answers immediately, but it can be calming to hand your troubles over to God. Sharing your grievances with the Lord can ease whatever burden you’re feeling and make it easier to see the positive in your situation. Don’t bring negativity to your calling, though, because it will not benefit you or the work you feel called to do.

If you have to take a break until you’re feeling better and more positive, do so. I’m not saying that you should use negative feelings as a crutch to avoid pursuing your calling for days on end. That would be letting fear get the better of you, and you’re better than that. What I’m saying is that it’s okay to take a sanity day every now and then. Take a breather and come back to your calling when you feel better equipped to serve it from a positive and more peaceful place.

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