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Bubblews and Me

As you know, I’m trying to make a career of being a writer. What many of you may not know is that I have ADD, so sitting down and completing long projects is sometimes difficult for me. (Hence my affinity for flash fiction, short stories, and short “articles,” like the ones that appear on Bubblews.)

I’ve heard that Bubblews is a great way to create revenue streams with writing, and it doesn’t take long to meet the article requirements; they only have to be 400 CHARACTERS long. Still, things have been slow going for me, so far. It’s also a social networking site, and people who like your articles will “connect” with you. I think reciprocity is a big thing, here, and I sometimes feel a little guilty because I stay away for days. Then, when I come back, it’s almost impossible for me to catch up on “liking” the articles of my connections. Since it’s summer, I’m going to try to go for at least one Bubblews post a day to see if that helps anything.


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