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Debbie Herbert on Autism – Interview Question


Chelsea Clemmons Moye, Interviewer: As you know, I’m an avid reader of your books, both through Harlequin and your independently published works. Many of them feature characters who have Autism, as well as their caregivers. Your books are ambassadors for Autism Awareness, in and of themselves. Can you share with me and my readers why Autism is such a near and dear subject to you?

Debbie Herbert, Author: My oldest son is on the severe end of the autism spectrum. Even though I never plan on it in my book outlines, characters with this challenge will just walk into the scene and demand to be heard. I suspect because this is a cause that is so near to my heart and a presence in my life. To me, writing is a magical process. You can never predict what the subconscious will bring forth through your characters.

Check out Debbie’s website and her books HERE.

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