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PSA for Readers

Do you love an author who hasn’t hit the bestseller lists yet? Want them to be successful? YOU CAN HELP.

I know you’re sitting in your chair at home, frowning at me, wondering what you can possibly do to help out that author you love. Whether they’re traditionally published or independently published, authors need reviews to survive in this business, much less succeed. If you’re going to take the time to read their work, why not take a couple of minutes to let them know what you thought about it?

Honest, constructive reviews are necessary for authors’ survival these days. Ratings determine your author ranking, and ultimately how many people have the opportunity to discover your book. People who haven’t “hit it big” in the writing business can’t really afford to put ads for their books in front of millions of people the way bigger publishing houses and bestseller list authors can. If they’re anything like me, they can’t afford to pay for ads at all. So, your reviews are extremely important for authors, but especially those who haven’t “hit the big time” yet.

Your voice matters, and you can be the voice that helps amazing new authors get discovered by a broader audience than they could ever hope to reach without you. If you love to read, I implore you to review the books you read because the authors need your voice to be heard for theirs to be heard. Readers completely dictate the writing industry. We do what we do FOR YOU.

So, if you love a new, as yet undiscovered author, please review their work everywhere you possibly can. Tell the industry what you want to see more of. Not only do you get to see more of what you want when you take the time to write reviews, when that undiscovered author you love hits the bestseller list, you can tell everyone around you, “I TOLD YOU SO! I loved them before they were big. Don’t believe me? Check the dates on my reviews. I told the entire world this would how awesome this author is. Nice of the rest of you to catch up with me!”

Daily Writing Is Happening!

Even though I haven’t been posting on here every day (like I should), I have been writing for at least five minutes a day. I’m doing a lot of roughing things out with a pen and notebook. Things just seem to be flowing better with ink and paper, as of late. Even with everything that’s going on in my personal life (both fantastic and bad), I’m managing to get things done in my writing life.

I’m working hard to merge Frost back on the track I laid out for it in my original outline. I set my outline aside for a little while and wandered a little farther away from it than I intended. There are things I like about the old outline and things I like about where the creative flow took me. Now I’m just working on making a cohesive marriage of the two, and trying to see how that’s going to change the remaining 31 scenes I had originally planned for the book. I plan on finishing the free version on JukePop by the end of the summer so I can get it edited and release some time this winter.

After I get the next scene written for Frost, I’m going to work on the next chapter of The Alexandria Chronicles, then Murphy’s Law of the Jungle. Frost is still my number one priority, though. Once the edited and expanded version of Frost has been released, I intend to focus primarily on finishing Murphy’s Law of the Jungle. I’d like to have that story wrapped up by the end of next summer. If all goes well with Frost, I am likely to try to publish an edited and expanded edition of Murphy’s Law of the Jungle through JukePop.

What about that awesome space opera I’m working on called The Alexandria Chronicles, you ask? I will continue adding chapters to it when I’m taking breaks from my primary projects!

As for personal things going on in my life, it’s now a mixed bag. My grandmother is going on 93 and her health is deteriorating swiftly. She is the only living grandparent I have left. I know she’s had a lot of good years and is leaving us with an incredible legacy, but it’s still a very painful thing to deal with. On the bright side, however, my fiancé got to meet her and she congratulated us on our impending nuptials. This brings me back to the original reason I started this post: daily posts are not my strong suit, and I can guarantee you that my updates will be scattered and/or infrequent between now and the wedding.

I’m hoping that I’ll be able to really and truly settle into the habit of posting on here daily some time in August or September. I feel that, as a writer, I need the responsibility and  accountability that posting on a daily basis brings. In the past, my creativity has been a bit spastic and dictated by my rather fickle muse. I’m glad to state that the muse and I recently had a come to Jesus meeting, and she’s being much more cooperative now that I’m only demanding 5 minutes a day from her, as opposed to me trying to write a novel in 3 days during a manic fit riddled with very little sleep and too much coffee.

Hello, Netherlands!

I see that I’ve got a new reader out in the Netherlands! Hi! I just wanted to say thanks for giving my blog a read. Please feel free to comment and communicate with me!

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