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Otherworld Tales Merchandise

As you know, ebook copies of Frost are now available for preorder HERE. I bet you’re wondering what other cool news I could possibly have regarding this book today, right?

Well, I’ll tell you. In addition to the ebook being available for preorder, I’ve also made Frost-related merchandise available for you to order in anticipation of the book’s launch on January 1, 2017! You can check it out HERE. Also, be sure to check back often because I’m adding new products every day!

T-Shirt Design of the Day for 6/8/2014

This shirt is only available for 25 more days on Teespring. Get it now. 

Harmony Ship Tee

If you’re one of those people who wanted Harry and Hermione to end up together, you’ll love this shirt!

Harmony Ship Tee

My Other Creative Endeavors: T-shirts

I love just about all things creative, not quite as much as I love writing, but I’m trying to be a “jack of all trades.” I’m into a TON of different “fandoms,” and I decided to start designing t-shirts for them. I’ll be posting links to different shirts as I design them, guys! I look forward to hearing your opinions on them! ^_^

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