Trying Out Income Doze

So, you guys know I’m a relatively new mom. My amazing baby, River, will be 7 months old in December. I’m taking a chance on Income Doze to try to earn a little extra Christmas money. I get $5 for every click, and $10 for every person who signs up via my link. The best thing about it is it doesn’t COST anything, not for me and not for the people being generous enough to click my link. I may put my link over in the sidebar, and we can use it kind of like a tip jar. If you find one of my posts helpful, you can click the link and tip me $5 at no cost to you! Just a thought, guys. Happy Thanksgiving!


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One response to “Trying Out Income Doze

  • chelseacmoye

    UPDATE: It’s a scam, guys! It’s not worth all the hoops you have to jump through and the offers they force you to sign up for to get your payouts. It’s complete garbage, and I’ll be reporting them to the BBB.


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