Rejection – Right in the "Feels"


Excuse the casual jargon, but rejection definitely hurts. My intuition recently told me that I needed to read the “Be Resilient After Rejection” chapter of A Writer’s Guide to Persistence. My intuition was so right about me needing to read it, too. I used the platform to submit Frost to an agent a while back, and it got rejected recently. I’ve actually had several projects get shot down recently. There’s no way around it…rejection really sucks.

I loathe rejection. It’s hard as hell for me to deal with. Honestly, it was painful enough that I considered giving up writing altogether. If I’m not making any money off it, I’m just being a burden to my husband. He doesn’t feel that way about it, but I do. It’s a really hard blow to my self-confidence. I went through all the stages of rejection that Jordan Rosenfeld talks about in the “Be Resilient After Rejection” chapter.

I went through the hope-crushing sting. I definitely went though a soul-crushing wave of shame and the following heavy cloud of discouragement. (“I’m never going to be good enough to be published; I should just quit while I’m ahead.”) I am just now attempting to drag myself out of the inaction phase because I dread falling into the inertia phase. I may not be good enough to be published yet, but I will be, someday. I will keep trying.

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2 responses to “Rejection – Right in the "Feels"

  • Cori-Leigh

    Great post-Chelsea! Enjoyed reading it! Is an encouraging article! So true that rejection does sting! Often attacking our lack of confidence in our own writing. As you say here how we can be left with a heavy amount of discouragement in the face of rejection. For us writers and bloggers I’ve come to discover they are springboards for future success! So important to keep trying, never give up and press on toward our goals! Keep up the amazing writing! 😀

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  • chelseacmoye

    It’s not letting me change the website link. 😦 Can you share a link to the one you’d like people to check out?


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