Success vs. Soul

I recently made a post on my personal blog about how tired I am of so-called gurus “selling success,” on Facebook and other places. If there were some kind of magic formula for success that would FOR SURE work overnight, you’d better believe I’d invest in that. The problem is, I don’t think such a thing exists.


Maybe I’m a little disillusioned, or maybe I’m bitter. I’ve poured over ten years of hard work and thousands of dollars into my so-called writing career with very little to show for it, so far. I believed my teachers in high school when they said getting a four-year degree would make me more employable, and I’ve found the opposite to be true, so far. Do you know how many jobs I haven’t gotten because I’m “overqualified”? I don’t even want to count. That’s a personal tangent for another day, though.

Getting back to the problem at hand, I’ve poured years of hard work and thousands of dollars into things that were supposed to make my writing career more successful. Pfft. I wish. In reality, it just accrued a lot of costs that I have very little hope of ever paying off with my royalties unless something miraculous happens. So, unless you’re God and you have an ACTUAL miracle in the works for me, please stop clogging all my feeds with your so-called secrets to overnight success in the publishing/self-publishing industry.

I won’t even get into my frustration over books that I feel are sub-par in quality selling like crazy while I worked on my first novel for over ten years, trying to craft the best story I possibly could, and it’s somehow being out-sold because some other writer out there is okay with producing half-assed work in high quantities, at high speed, and that seems to be okay with the general majority of readers out there. I wanted to think that quality and hard work meant something in this industry, but you really don’t see much evidence of that being true these days.

I probably shouldn’t even be writing and/or posting this because I’m deeply moody and hormonal right now, but I had to get this out of my system.

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