Tweaking My Process

As a writer, I’ve struggled with my personal process for quite some time now. Those who know me well enough to be privy to my process can attest to the fact that I have plagued by perfectionism and over-planning for my entire writing career up to this point.

So, since I’ve been working on streamlining and minimizing in my home life, I decided to go for it in my writing life, too! It’s simultaneously freeing and terrifying, but I think it’s going to make me a much more productive and effective writer once I implement everything I intend to.

Depending on how well you know me and/or how long you’ve been following my blog, you may know that it took me almost 12 years to plan and execute Frost. Why? I’ll be honest with you, it had a lot to do with over-planning, perfectionism, and major story changes that took a long time to implement. Instead of just going with my gut and using only the tools I needed to plan and execute my story, I put it through every possible planning process I could get my hands on. In short, I did a lot of unnecessary work on the front end that kept me from really getting down to my writing.

If I’m being honest, the only way I finished the novel was that I ended up locking myself into a deadline I couldn’t avoid, and I had to get the actual writing done by then. Sure, my novel came out with some imperfections as a result of that, but I finally FINISHED it. I can’t even tell you what a relief it was to finally let go and move on. So, I’m taking a new approach to my writing life. I’m doing only what I absolutely need to planning-wise to get a solid overview of my story before I start writing.

I planned a 16-chapter romance novel with two scenes per chapter in the space of a single day, and very few people will realize what a feat that was for me. When I finish writing it, I plan on submitting it to a traditional publisher of romance, but I will probably be publishing it under a pen name. Why? I feel like publishing it under another name that people don’t associate with me can open me up to more of a creative flow, and make it easier for me to work without the fear of poor judgment from others.

So, to sum up the entire point of this post, I’m just celebrating the fact that I’ve finally learned to take only what I need from all the writing guides I’ve got. To top that off, I’m making the process work for me, thus significantly speeding up turnaround on my work!

*throws celebratory confetti and pats self on back*

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