Jordan Rosenfeld's Work It #17 from A Writer's Guide to Persistence

Take an honest look at your writing career and ask yourself if a figure of sabotage is at work in your own life. Make two lists.

List 1: Write your top three writing goals or top three desires–whichever appeals to you more.

Here’s an example:

  1. Acquire an agent.
  2. Publish my novel with a mainstream publisher.
  3. Make an income from freelance writing projects.

List 2: Beside each item, list your top fear for why you have either held back from pursuing your goal or desire, or have sabotaged it.

  1. Acquire an agent. Fear: I don’t know how to write a query letter.
  2. Publish novel with mainstream publisher. Fear: I need an agent first.
  3. Make an income from freelance writing projects. Fear: I’m afraid I won’t make enough to survive.

Realize that your fears are usually anxieties that can be solved witha  more minor step or action. From the example, for instance, if you don’t know how to write a query letter, several books, websites, and classes can teach you this skill in a heartbeat. Don’t have an agent? Once you master that query, hundreds of agents are out there waiting for you to submit your work. And so on.

Break your bigger fear down into manageable bites and steps until you land on the step that you feel you can do. When you try to take on the biggest step that touches on an even bigger fear, chances are it will lead to sabotage.

Okay, so here’s my list, complete with attached fears.

  1. Complete and release Frost on Amazon CreateSpace and KDP. Fear: I’ve been working on this story for way too long and it’s too muddled to even fix now.
  2. Publish a romance novel with Harlequin. Fear: I’m not a good enough writer to be traditionally published.
  3. Write and release my permafree book Hear Your Calling to set up for the release of a 365 Day Heed Your Calling Devotional Book. Fear: I don’t have enough textual evidence from the Bible to back up my convictions, and I have no idea how to find it.

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