Quote of the Day

“I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.”
-Stephen Covey

I’m not going to lie–this is a concept that I’ve struggled with for most of my life. I’ve often wondered “How can I not be a product of my circumstances?” Things happen, and you react to them, right?

What if that ‘s not really how things work? In the interest of full disclosure, I never really asked myself that question until I read this quote today. What if it’s that things happen, and you have the opportunity to decide how you’re going to react? This is one of those moments where I’m totally stunned that I never considered these things before.

You do have the right to choose. Having free will is one of the greatest things about being a sentient human being, right? You have the right to make a conscious decision about how you react to everything.

For example: I am having a profound struggle with the time change because of daylight savings time. Having to turn the clocks forward an hour is kicking the crap out of me, and that’s probably because I have been letting it. Yes, I’m tired, but I shouldn’t be allowing a time change to derail my pursuit of my calling as a writer completely.

I’ve been sleeping in instead of dragging my butt out of bed and cranking out my hour a day of writing. I feel sorry for it. Terrible, actually. I feel like a poor excuse for a human being and a very bad example. If I feel called to do something, I should be able to drag myself out of bed and do it first thing in the morning, right?

I’m pretty prone to making mistakes. I’m prone to procrastination, dropping the ball, and all kinds of other euphemisms for failure. I do, however, dust off the failures and continue my pursuit of my calling to be a writer. I think that my choosing to continue pursuing it after hundreds of failures says something about my character. I hope it means that I’m truly dedicated to my calling.

Does anyone else have similar struggles? If so, please share them.

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