Work It #15 from A Writer's Guide to Persistence

Work It #15 from A Writer’s Guide to Persistence by Jordan Rosenfeld

Chapter 15: Consider No Effort Wasted

Brainstorm a list of all the unpaid, unseen, unrewarded hours you’ve invested in projects, people, and writing. These may be things that haven’t “paid off” in your mind. When you’re finished, look objectively at each item on the list. See if you can’t come up with one “gift” each item on that list has given you. Even if the “gift” is something like “It made me realize I never want to do that for a living.” or “I learned to get back up after a fall.” Reward yourself for your hard work with chocolate, a movie, or something that makes you feel good.

  • A Collection of Reflections – The first work I ever self-published. I learned that self-publishing is harder than people think. and that I don’t love writing poetry enough to try to make a living at it.
  • My Blog – My blog has taught me that not everything pays off the minute you start doing it, but if you stick to it, you will eventually start seeing benefits from it. After years of working on this blog with no visible results, I now have tangible proof that it is touching people’s lives and inspiring them.
  • JukePop – It may not be a writing job with a paid advance, but it’s helped me realize I am a talented writer. I know I can reach readers. I have fans who follow me, and my longest-standing project, Frost, has over 4,000 +Votes.

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