The Alexandria Chronicles – 1st Look

I just realized that I forgot to click publish on yesterday’s daily writing post, so here it is.

Swaths of long, burnished gold hair cascaded onto a subtly heated polished marble floor, looking pallid as a royal burial shroud in the milky, violet-tinted light of Faria’s two moons, Lyncis and Vhutti. Milla Ardas winced at the sight, but did not stop shearing her hair. She jumped and nicked her left ear when the android that had been her lady’s maid twitched and sparks shot out from where Milla had shoved a stolen screwdriver up through the back of Neomi’s neck into her memory unit. In the moonlight, it looked like a murder; the dark hydraulic fluid seeping out of the tear in Neomi’s synthetic flesh looked like blood flowing out of a real wound. The sight made Milla a bit queasy, but she ignored the sick feeling in her stomach because more important things were at hand. The call to destroy her lifelong companion had not been an easy one for the Princess to make, but her current circumstances dictated that drastic measures be taken.

I’ll be posting another writing-related piece today just to remain on schedule/track. Hope you guys like this one!

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