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Hello, YA and Fantasy Readers!

I am Chelsea Clemmons, author of Frost, the first book in my planned Otherworld series, which includes one novel in progress, and two more currently being planned for the series. I’m incredibly excited that you’ve discovered my serial, which I’ve been working on for the past six years. JukePop has allowed me to connect with readers and build an impressive fan base for Frost, and hopefully the next two books in the series: Flames and Mist. My lifelong dream has been to be a successful author. My passion lies with my stories, and it would be amazing for me if I could make my living as a writer, as well as giving back to my wonderful, supportive fans through JukePop Investments. I believe that Frost, Flames, and Mist will be highly successful, and therefore profitable for my investors. What leads me to believe this? Frost has made the JP30 8 times, and has now garnered 3,526 votes from readers, so far. I have plenty more chapters on the way, and lots more to share with you from Daraglathia!

You may be asking yourselves why I’ve set the goal at $5,000, and that’s a valid question. In addition to publishing costs, commissioning cover art, a map, and illustrations, editing costs, and promotion costs (all of which will be discussed below) I am also a student and substitute teacher. The pay I get is directly proportional to the number of days or half-days that I work, and this year hasn’t been the best for me. I want to bring you the best quality book possible, but I also have bills to pay, which is why my goal is set a bit higher than the promotion and editing packages I’ve chosen. What packages have I chosen?

I have chosen the Line Edit editing service from Writer’s Digest, which will cost $4.00 per page. By the time I finish, the book is going to be roughly 200 pages long, so the editing is going to cost me $800. I have also chosen their Developmental Editing Service, so that professional editors can give me a better idea of what I can do to make this novel the absolute best novel it can be by providing me with detailed notes on premise, plot structure, pacing, characters, dialogue and marketability. This package also comes with an emotional response chart, a rating on the “Pass, Consider, or Recommend” scale, and a one-page synopsis of the story. This package is also $4.00 per page. That brings our pre-artwork and pre-promotion total to $1,600. I have not yet gotten a quote from the artist I want, but I will share an update with the quote as soon as I can talk to him. The next concern I have is getting the book promoted. Now, on to the promotion monster. I intend to purchase a Clarion review for my book (price not yet quoted), an Author level membership with Author Alliance ($397/year), and the Pro package with CoPromote ($49/month, so a year would be about $588). So, not counting whatever the cover art, map, and illustrations cost me, we’re looking at $2,585. I will add the quotes for the Clarion Review as soon as I receive it. We now have an artist onboard, and I’m setting the cover art, map, and illustration budget at $1,000, as discussed with her.

Her name is Kaytalin Platt, and she is positively incredible! Just look at the title font and sketch draft of the cover of Frost that she came up with for me over the weekend! 

She looked at my “cast picks” on the Otherworld Trilogy’s Tumblr, got me to describe what I wanted for the cover, and sent me this example for us to work from! Isn’t it amazing?

It’s currently looking like $5,000 will only cover the costs for Frost, with the promotion and editing packages I’ve chosen so far. As it stands, the $5,000 will be split between the previously discussed $3,585, with $1,415 left to help with my bills and any unforeseen costs regarding the book(s). If we surpass our goal, I will also be able to fund Flames and Mist! Either way, you will also share in the sales profits for those books because you’re investing in the entire Otherworld Trilogy when you invest in this project. The more we raise, the more time I can dedicate to writing and perfecting this series for you!

I should be finished with Frost’s manuscript by July at the latest, after which we will begin the editing and publishing processes. I hope to release Frost some time around Christmas of 2015, if not sooner (I hope sooner)!

My audience is a diverse one, which I think gives us yet another advantage. With such broad-spectrum appeal, more sales (and thus more money coming back to you) are likely. Let’s take a look at the analytics for my readership.

Who is interested in Frost?  Of the non-anonymous readers on JukePop:

  • 65.5% female, 34.5% male.
  • 31% ages 25-34, 20.7% 18-24, 13.8% 35-44, 10.3% 13-17, 10.3% 65+, 6.9% 55-64, 3.4% 35-54, and 3.4% < 13. I have readers in EVERY age group. 
  • 89.7% US readership, and 3.4% each in Great Britain, Canada, and Singapore.

I think this is a great starting point for information we can use for promoting sales of Frost. I plan not only to use the marketing and promotion options offered with the publishing package, but to also use my personal and professional social media to do some grassroots networking. It would be absolutely amazing if my fans and supporters could do the same—we’re more likely to get returns on your investment if you do!

Frost is an engaging story with relatable characters, and it is set in a brand new fantasy world that holds infinite possibilities. Readers have already raved about some of the new “mythology” I’ve created in Daraglathia. This is a book that readers love, so far, and I believe they will continue to do so! Frost is a solid investment that you’re bound to see returns on. Reviews and comments have been highly positive and encouraging, as you can see below:

“Love how she describes an angelic dog and trench foot in the same sentence. The way Lauren describes herself is pretty good, I think. She is very observant. I find she rolls with the punches very well. I almost want her to meet a dwarf so she can dote all over them. ” – Ryan Watt, JukePop Author of Flocked

“I love the cover! I love the story! It reminds me of when I lived in Europe.” – Eddie Edwards, JukePop Author of Blind

“Gorgeous cover and engaging writing! Lauren is a sympathetic character and I want to read more! Loved the description of icy wings beating against her skin. I love football watching as a safe zone!” – Debbie Herbert, author of Harlequin Nocturne novels Siren’s Secret and Siren’s Treasure

“Really well written, all the dialogue flowed naturally and I easily got lost in the story. Can’t wait to find out more about Lauren after reading the description!” – Christina Ratcliffe, JukePop author of The Disciple List

“Didn’t think I would like this story but I LOVE it!!! Keep going!” – Angelica Aguilar, JukePop Reader

“I love the way you describe things. When I’m reading, it’s like I can clearly see the picture you’re painting in my head.” – Evie Brennan, JukePop Reader

JukePop investments presents a fantastic opportunity to get Frost (and eventually Flames and Mist) published and also benefit my supporters by giving back to them for their faith and investment.

Here’s a little more background about the Otherworld Trilogy: The Otherworld Trilogy features young adults from the “real world” who are sent to another world because they are failing to learn certain lessons they need to progress. Frost features Lauren Frost, a young woman whose passive, people-pleasing tendencies have caused her own life to stagnate, is attacked and begins dying, but three women known as the Messengers step in and offer her an option: go ahead and die, or save a world that’s descending into ruin to win her old life back. Flames will feature her best friend, Audrey Miller, and Mist will feature a young man named Tony, whom Lauren meets at college.

Frost, the first of the three novels, is what plunges us into the Otherworld Trilogy. Eighteen-year-old Lauren Frost’s life is split between two families and two continents. After spending the Christmas holiday in England with her mother, she comes home to a nightmare. Her Forty-two-year-old father has married his girlfriend, who is twenty-one and enjoys making Lauren miserable. So, Lauren flies back to England, considering leaving Florida and her father behind for good, until her mother reminds her that she’d be leaving her friends behind in the middle of her senior year. Plagued by indecision, Lauren goes for a walk that brings her life to a stand-still. However, the Messengers of Destiny step in as she’s dying and give her a choice. She can give up and die, or fight for a chance to reclaim her former life. The second option comes with a catch, though. She has to save a foreign world to win her life back.

Please consider investing in The Otherworld Trilogy. I have absolute faith that we can make my dream of publishing the Otherworld Trilogy come true, and to our mutual benefit! Does it get any better than that?


Chelsea L. Clemmons

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