Why Did I Go to College?

I am a substitute teacher. We do not get paid at all during the summer, and that can get stressful when you have bills coming in, but no way to pay them. So, I’ve applied for jobs everywhere that I can. (I can’t work in food service due to extremely severe food allergies, so that limits my options.) I’ve applied at every retail place that I can feasibly afford to drive to, should I get hired. Only two places have called me back, and both of those places told me that I am overqualified because I have an AS and a BS.

This is deeply frustrating because the point of going to college and getting degrees was supposed to be that it would make it easier for me to get a job when I was through. Apparently, this is no longer true. So, why did I go to college? At this point, I’m just praying someone will have mercy on me and at least give me the benefit of an interview.

In the meantime, I’m trying to pay the bills by doing something that I love: writing. Not only do I have Custom Romance campaigns on Indiegogo (whatever you contribute is kept and your novel & perks are guaranteed) and Kickstarter (you only pay and get your novel & perks if the campaign is successful), but I also have a much broader option on GoFundMe allowing for any genre of custom fiction, at any level from flash fiction to a trilogy of novels, depending on what you want to contribute.

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Wife. Mom. Pet Parent. Independent Author. AS in General Studies from Faulkner State Community College. BS in English from Troy University. Minored in creative writing. View all posts by chelseacmoye

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