It’s a Trap!

No matter what I do with my marketing, everything kind of feels like a catch-22. I know I need to be producing new, fresh content to share with y’all, but I have been too exhausted to do much of anything. I’ve been dragging. I’m going to continue to use Crowdfire and CreatorCollabs for marketing purposes, but they probably won’t do all that well until I find the time, energy, and mental fortitude to start putting out new content for y’all again.

Murphy’s Law of the Jungle

Welcome to my Murphy Family Mysteries series, guys! I’ve been working on my first draft of Murphy’s Law of the Jungle (Murphy Family Mysteries, Book 1) for NaNoWriMo 2017. I don’t think I’m going to hit 50,000 words by November 30, but I’ll be finishing the draft this December.

Any readers who choose to support Murphy’s Law of the Jungle via pre-orders on Inkshares are going to get unprecedented access to my draft via Google Docs. You’ll even have the ability to leave comments. You’ll get to see this story’s development from beginning to end. If we make our goal(s), you’ll even get to see how professional editors influence and improve the manuscript!

Additionally, if we make the 750 pre-orders goal, I will be doing a special giveaway of some Murphy Family Mysteries gear, and the winner will have the opportunity to choose the names for both the victim and the big bad in the next book in the series!

People who support my writing will also receive occasional pictures of my adorable baby boy, River, because he’s my reason for everything!

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Cool Gift Idea for Writers

I know a lot of people don’t think giving practical gifts is cool or fun, but I would love the occasional practical gift. As an author, I’d love gift cards/codes for Writer’s Digest Shop. I think having money to go toward a proofreading service or a manuscript critique service from them would be an AWESOME gift!

Check out all the cool gift options for the writer in your life at:

Trying Out Income Doze

So, you guys know I’m a relatively new mom. My amazing baby, River, will be 7 months old in December. I’m taking a chance on Income Doze to try to earn a little extra Christmas money. I get $5 for every click, and $10 for every person who signs up via my link. The best thing about it is it doesn’t COST anything, not for me and not for the people being generous enough to click my link. I may put my link over in the sidebar, and we can use it kind of like a tip jar. If you find one of my posts helpful, you can click the link and tip me $5 at no cost to you! Just a thought, guys. Happy Thanksgiving!


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Online Writing Workshops for Writers at All Levels

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So Many Posts, So Little Time

I have so many posts I need to catch up on because I’ve been focusing on NaNoWriMo, you guys! Please excuse the disorganization and lack of categories and tags. I promise I’ll go back and add them during December. Right now, I’m so busy with NaNo, I don’t even know which one of my Mamma’s children I am (and I’m an only child).

TCK’s Book Swag Raffle

So, The Creative Kitchen is doing an AWESOME book swag raffle, and I’m excited to share it with you guys!

CLICK HERE to get your tickets!

Bookworms Unite!

We are holding a Book Swag raffle, so if you love to read or know someone who does, you can purchase a ticket for a chance to win a cozy book swag set to curl up and read with this winter! As with all raffles, many will enter but only one will win. You can purchase as many tickets as you like. One ticket is equivalent to one entry.

This book swag set includes over $200-worth of combined books & book related items:

• A Frost-themed book tote bag valued at $25.

• A bookworm-themed t-shirt custom designed by Jennifer Clemmons of Southern Belle Creations valued at $26.

• One large soy candle handmade by Lacey Collier of The Creative Kitchen valued at $25.

• One cozy lap blanket hand-crocheted by Teresa Smith valued at $20.

• One signed copy of Frost: An Otherworld Tale by Chelsea Clemmons Moye valued at $11.

• Bayou Shadow Hunter and Bayou Wolf by Debbie Herbert, collectively valued at $12.

• Them Bones & Buried Bones by Carolyn Haines, collectively valued at $16.

• A hand-crafted mug from The Creative kitchen valued at $30.

• Peppermint Hot Cocoa Mix valued at $5.

• Manhunt and Small Town Face-Off by Tyler Anne Snell, collectively valued at $12.

• A surprise set of hand-selected Harlequin Romance novels collectively valued at $18.

• A surprise set of 3 bookmarks.

 Free Shipping on $25

NaNoWriMo Word Count Widget

I’m not sure why my word count widget in the sidebar won’t update properly, so I’m trying it out in a post to see if it will load correctly.

NaNoWriMo 2017 | Day 1

You can check out one of my favorite NaNoWriMo tools from Writer’s Digest at the link below!

Free Shipping on $25

Video Book Reviews Coming Soon

TUTORIALS Get Started as a Writer

Roald Dahl On Readers | Quote of the Day 10/30/17

QOTD 10_30_17

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